Inspiration is contagious.

At the Hub, we believe a better future will be built through collaboration. We know when people from diverse backgrounds work together, side by side, day after day, change is not just possible–it’s inevitable. Creative collisions occur. New ideas appear; imagination deepens. Expertise from seemingly opposite fields comes together to spark innovation.

The Hub hosts organizations and individuals who share a commitment to creating positive, sustainable change in our communities and for our planet. We provide space: to work, to succeed, or to mess up and to try again. Space to share lunch and space to get things done. Space to throw things just to see if they stick–figuratively, or not. Space to meet new people, space to think, and space to breathe.

When you join the Hub, you become part of a vibrant community of members from many different sectors–from nonprofits, to startups, to freelancers, to community groups–working in a myriad of fields like the environment, tech, social enterprise, education, web design, energy, and the arts. They share passion and energy–and they’ll share it with you, too.

April 21, 2015

The Hub Halifax shared workspace at 1649 Barrington Street, 2nd Floor will close on May 1st. There is a need for a larger, better equipped space with proper resources to support the enterprising work of our membership, largely made up of social entrepreneurs, community organizations, nonprofits, start-ups and freelancers.

Hub co-founders Tracy Boyer and Joanne Macrae are focussed on refounding the Hub Halifax and creating a Nova Scotia Impact Hub Network.

The refounding process will attract and support a new team of founders. This team will seek investment to purchase a building in downtown Halifax and support the development of a Nova Scotia-wide Impact Hub network. We seek to enable spaces where a variety of enterprise, innovation and social impact can transform our communities and our economy.

If you want to be part of making this happen, we definitely need you to work with us on this entrepreneurial journey.

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