Hub Members use Social Enterprise to make Nova Scotia a better place

More social startups in Nova Scotia will build a prosperous economy and community

The One Nova Scotia Coalition articulated a goal to increase the number of enterprises in Nova Scotia and increase their success. The Hub Halifax observes heavy emphasis on technology startups in the media and through meetings with government. Meanwhile, our neighbours in Ontario are investing $4 million into the growth of social enterprises. What are we doing to support social enterprise in Nova Scotia? It is time we seize the opportunity to amplify the success of a diversity of startups and build a strong field for many kinds of enterprise.

Here, The Hub Halifax highlights the work of three Hub members who use enterprise to create financial and community profit. We believe growth in this area is critical to the future of our Province and our World.

Sunshine Renewables

Is it possible to cut your energy bill and be more green? Yes–and Sunshine Renewables can help.

“Our mission is to educate and promote the most affordable, reliable and innovative renewable energy sources for homes and businesses. We are committed to long lasting relationships, the highest standards of customer service and satisfaction. Today with these safe, clean, reliable sources now affordable to everyone, we are here to guide you every step of the way.”

Sunshine Renewables has been in business for two years and employs 16 people. They worked with over 1000 homeowners to do energy efficiency upgrades on their heating and hot water systems in 2014.

Call them today for a free home assessment:

The Springtide Collective

Do you vote? Do you feel engaged in our political system, in our democracy? The sad truth is our democracy is not working as well as it could; many of us simply are not participating anymore. Enter the Springtide Collective. 

“The Springtide Collective is an organization dedicated to reconnecting Nova Scotians with the democratic process, and imagining ways of doing politics differently.” 

Springtide has built profitable business products. These include their educational “Three Minute Citizen” videos which have been licensed in for use in high schools and colleges from Ontario to Vancouver, and were been adapted for print for sale to a half-dozen newspapers across the province. The sale of these and other products and services fuels Springtide’s independent work for building a better democracy. Get involved and work with them to make democracy better at

The idea of starting the Springtide Collective originated from conversations that wouldn’t have happened if not for the Hub Halifax.
— Mark Coffin, Springtide founder

"Common Good Solutions helped us identify business opportunities to turn our non-profit into a business savvy social enterprise that provides services to clients across the province and Atlantic Canada.” – Mark Coffin, Springtide Founder 

Common Good Solutions

How do you make profit alongside positive community impact? Common Good Solutions (CGS) has the answers. As experts on social enterprise, CGS is the first certified B-Corp in Atlantic Canada–and they walk the talk. 

“CGS supports and celebrates social enterprise development in Atlantic Canada. We provide the space where smart business tools and social impact meet.”

Recently, CGS hosted Innovative Ideas, a competition in partnership with BOYNECLARKE. Over 30 post-secondary student teams with social and innovative business ideas competed in a day of sessions on entrepreneurship, and pitched to two teams of judges for their chance to win over $23,000 in cash prizes. The first place winner in the social enterprise stream was “Afri-Sea” by Tim Cranston and Todd Mercer

David Upton, CGS co-founder, says their focus helping organizations “make a dollar while making a difference.” To learn more about CGS and their work visit

The Hub Halifax is proud to support a diversity of enterprises, freelancers and non-profit organizations in Nova Scotia. The Hub is interested in growing our impact and looking for public and private support.

Contact the Hub: Tracy Boyer 902.222.5473 or Breton Cousins 902.499.9806
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